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Rage Against the Machine

The phone call ends with him telling me that they’ll e-mail me the offer sheet by the end of the day.  It arrives in an attachment at 3:12pm along with a message saying to sign it, drop it in the mail if it looks ok and to have a nice weekend.  It’s Friday.

I print it out. It’s one page and details my salary, job description, vacation, travel expectations and all types of HR stuff.  It seems ok, but what do I know?  It’s the first offer sheet I’ve ever looked at, and I never even heard of the term “offer sheet” until today.

I find an employment attorney on Craigslist to review it for $125.00.  I forward the attachment to her and she calls me back the next afternoon.  She asks if anything they ever told me is to the contrary in the offer sheet.  I say nope.  She asks if I’m happy with the salary listed, and being that it’s over double of what I was earning at TR, I say yep.  Probably the easiest $125.00 she’ll ever earn, but I feel better having done some due diligence on behalf of my future.

She says I’ve officially accepted their offer of employment when I drop it in the mail.  I can’t find a mailbox fast enough.  It’s Saturday afternoon and the mailman has come and gone.  The blue drop box on Hennepin across from the Uptown Diner immediately comes to mind.  I was going to walk to Walgreen’s anyway to get some non-fluoride toothpaste and batteries.

I pull on the creaky mailbox handle and I’ve missed the Saturday pick-up time but that’s fine.  Dropping it in there is more symbolic than anything.  I hear it land on a pile of letters and I’ve set in course some life changing chain of events…a cube to an office…a 12 year old car to a new Jeep Rubicon…QuickBooks to my own personal financial advisor…mutual funds to individual stocks.  Lately, I’ve had CNBC on in the mornings and now “ETF’s” and “angel investors” are no longer foreign concepts.

Walking away from the mailbox I realize I got exactly what I wanted.  For years I felt like I was on a treadmill…staying in one place.  Now I’ve grabbed a rung of success and the only way is up.  The stronger I am, the higher I’ll climb. I used to be naïve enough to think that people who worked for success and money were sell-outs.  I raged against the machine along with the others who thought there was nobility in just getting by.  There’s not.


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One thought on “Rage Against the Machine

  1. Cozmo F. on said:

    This is so god damned inspiring. Many of us in the same place as you (literally and figuratively) were are striving for the same thing, looking, watching every day for a break in the clouds. I was telling one departing colleague that it’s like we’re all in this big orphanage, and she’d just been adopted by this really nice family. Most of us are so burned out that the last thing we have energy for is getting our portfolios together. But man…this makes me want to kick it into high gear and get my shit together.

    Thank you.

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